Saturday, May 21, 2011

Supersale Bazaar

So, My cousin and I went to bazaar to buy a shoes. She found one on Tonic. A cute oxford! :D
I love these shoesssssssssssss!

Super cute boots zipper coin purse. I forgot to ask the price :|

Look at our shoes! :) SILVER + GOLD = COOL!

Come to Mommaaaaaaaaaa! :>

Free magazine. Thank you Southern Living :)

My cousin Cha with her nerdy glasses.

Cute and Comfy dockside topsiders of Sebago

[Top: Mom's closet, Short: Thrifted Shop,
Shoes: Parisian, Bracelets: Random, Ring: Gift, Bag: Bazaar]



Gwyneth said...

found this through your chictopia! the bazaar looked like fun... my friend and i who own an online store were planning to get a booth actually. hehe! anyways! interesting posts! new follower! :)

check out my blog and follow back if you can :) :)


thechyrelgomez said...

thanks for dropping by, i just followed your blog. btw, the shoes in the second photo are from asian vogue? :)

Cheska said...

It was fun. Yay! What's the link of your online store? :) I think you should get a booth in the bazaars.

OMG! You're one of the models in PFW. But I dont have picture of you during PFW. Yay! I'm so lucky to be followed by you :> /superblush :"""""""> I'll tell my friend about this. YAAAAY!


Cheska said...

My pleasure. And thank you for following back.
No, it's from Tonic. You can see the link in my post :)

le sorelle said...

oh i'm obsessed with shoes! this post was awesome - love your outfit!

thanks for visiting and following us, your blog is lovely!

-j, your newest follower :)
sorelle in style

fashion bucket. said...

you and your cousin look so cute!

love some of the shoes you have taken photos of!

-fb X

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Gorgeouys shoes. You two look perfect :).

Helen, X

Reflect and Fancy said...

looks like a great bazar, love markets :)

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