Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sister from another mister: Sun-date!

Sunday + Date = Sundate! Attended mass in GB Chapel.

Chunky heels ang peg! Check!

So FASYOWWWWN! Color blocking naman ang peg ni Mommy! Bet!

Cai's and Mine.
Chinese lil girl meets American lil boy. So cute! :>

Hungarian and Cheesy Frankfurt Sausages! ;-)
My sister from another mister, Cai. So sophisticated! Pormal pormalan ang peg ni ateng =) Hahaha. Love you, te! :>

What I wore:
[Leopard Sheer Top: Dianne's Closet Sale, Shorts: Thrift Shop, Bag and Shoes: SM Parisian]

OMG! I'm turning 18 on tuesday but I look like 21. Hay! Stressed! ACCEPTING GIFTS NOW! =)) Contact me thru:

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last friday, Ems and I went to Megamall. It was so sudden. Dapat sabay lang kami sa FX and kain lang sa Paotsin but NOOOOOOO! Hahahaha. It was late lunch for us! 4pm I guess! Thank you, Ems!
Complete Meal.
This is Emilyn/Ems. She's like a model. So thin and tall.

Answering the evaluation form!

So, right after we ate our late lunch. Department store was our next destination! Hahaha. We saw this glittery/Steve Madden inspired shoes. It's only 1300php I guess. I'd love to have one. Hihihi. Soooooooooooooon! ;-)

What I wore:
[Top: Boracay Souvenir Shop, Shorts: Thrift shop, Bag and Shoes: SM Parisian]


Friday, July 22, 2011

CD Recent: Nail Polish + Parisian + Sheer + Birthday

Recent purchases + happenings = Yay!

NPs from The Face Shop.
Turquoise and Yellow Matte ;-)

Gladiator sandals of Parisian. Mom bought for only 200php (4USD) Super comfy.
Sorry! Kinda dirty because I always use. HAHAA

From Tita Mommy's Closet! ;-) Thanks, Mommy D! :-*

Sheer top from Thrift Shop.

Ensaymada for dinner! ;-)

Kuya Luther's slicing his cake.
Happy birthday, cousin Luther!
Mango Sans rival from Lia's.

Wait! I'll be turning 18 on Aug 2. So old :-( Hahahaha. I AM NOW ACCEPTING GIFTS! EARLY AS NOW! =))))))) Hihihihihi.


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Monday, July 18, 2011

CDTravel: Palawan Day 1

Our first day in Coron was so relaxing. Went to Maquinit Hot Spring. 30mins from our hotel. I hate hot springs. I love the calm water, view, etc.

Coron's Maquinit Hot Spring

Benj and Ms. Juan

Front row L-R: Zarah, Jelove, Rie, Angela and Yzel.

L-R: Zarah, Aaron, Kath, Crescel, Moi and Benj
With Crescel ang Kath.

Dinner time! =))))

More pictures to come.


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Sunday, July 17, 2011


My current weight is 1s65lbs. For me, I'm fat. THINSPIRATION!
I won't eat rice anymore. PROMISE! HAHAHAHA. I need to lose weight before my birthday, i only have 2 more weeks. Yaaaaaaay! :( Help!

I have BIG TUMMY and FAT LEGS :(


Friday, July 15, 2011

CDTravel: Our way to Coron, Palawan.

On our way to Coron, Palawan. We took RORO going to Coron. We left in Batangas Port at 10pm and arrived at 12nn in Coron Port. In 12hrs sea travel, I did not sleep (I slept pala, just for 2-3hrs, putol-putol pa) I dont usually sleep everytime I travel. It was fun. We saw dolphins playing around.

Zarah, Fe, Rie and I. Captain's Deck.

More Coron, Palawan Pictures to come!


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