Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tour Guiding with SSAM

Last friday, We joined SSAM's educational trip. We were just volunteer tour guide assistants because we want to have an experience how to be a tour guide. It was fun but tiring.

First stop: Seussical
I watched the movie of Horton: Hears a Who.

L-R: Kiddo 1, Kiddo 2, Sam, Malena, Teacher S and Moi.

 Second stop: Seriland at Ocean Park
Mirror Maze, Trick Art Museum, 3D theater and Kid's Paradise

Inside Trick Art Museum!

Inside Mirror Maze!

We required to wear red shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. No outfit post. Btw, did you see the cool walkie talkies? Hahaha. 

Right after this tour, I rushed to Jovi's celebration in Makati. Next post! :)


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