Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freeway x Manansala

Attended Freeway x Manansala Fashion show and art exhibit.
 Bloggers all around the venue. (HI BLOGGERS!! :-h)
Don't have the pictures of actual collection because my cam's battery died during the show. *sob*
The first time I saw them doing that, I felt like joining them.They are so good.
PS. Drawing using cray pass/oil pastel is my skill. #justsayin

Hi Jacky! It was nice to meet you! Can't wait for the event dear! See you soon! Thanks for the photo!! x
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Tweets tweets! #FreewayxManansala

Hi Bach Jovi! Likey her maxi skirt.
Hi girl! We have the same shoes! Forgot to ask your name! :)


with The Divine Lee

Next post: Freeway x Manansala Collection! x

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