Friday, July 22, 2011

CD Recent: Nail Polish + Parisian + Sheer + Birthday

Recent purchases + happenings = Yay!

NPs from The Face Shop.
Turquoise and Yellow Matte ;-)

Gladiator sandals of Parisian. Mom bought for only 200php (4USD) Super comfy.
Sorry! Kinda dirty because I always use. HAHAA

From Tita Mommy's Closet! ;-) Thanks, Mommy D! :-*

Sheer top from Thrift Shop.

Ensaymada for dinner! ;-)

Kuya Luther's slicing his cake.
Happy birthday, cousin Luther!
Mango Sans rival from Lia's.

Wait! I'll be turning 18 on Aug 2. So old :-( Hahahaha. I AM NOW ACCEPTING GIFTS! EARLY AS NOW! =))))))) Hihihihihi.


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