Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gabrielle's Purple Party

Since she really loves Jollibee and everytime they visit here in the Ph, her parents always throw a party for her even not in her exact birthday. She's turning 11 on 18th of Aug. We'll see you soon! Have a safe flight back to TX. We love you all.
Gab and her Birthday cake.

Gab, Tita Miami and Tito Jerry.
We'll see you soon again. Thank you for bringing us happiness.

Nanay, Lola Nora (Nanay's Sis), Tita Miami, Gab, Ate Jeya, Tita Ibay, Cleo

Tita Miami, Lola Nora and Nanay

Paolo, Carlo, Kian, Cous Luther and Tita Amie.

Cous Luther, Baby Kian and Tita Ye.
Super cute! Hihihi
Maha, Tita Miami and Tito Jerry.

Momma, Gab, Ate, Tita Ye, Cleo, Tita Amie, Yana, Coleen, Kyla and Kuya.

Lola Nora (Nanay's Sis) and Nanay.
Love you both! Longer life please! Thank You.

Tito Manu and Tatay.
Boys talk.

The four. Yana, Coleen, Kyla and Gab.

Tita Ibay, Tita Yeye, Cleo and Ate Jeya.
HI CUTIE PATOOTIE CLEO! Nice to see youuuuu! I'm your Aunt Cheska.

[From Ate Kaye's cam]

[From Ate Cha's iPod]


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