Monday, August 8, 2011

My 18th birthday.

Last Aug 2., We celebrated my birthday. I want the bongga one but I want to be practical. So, We decided to throw a small party for my birthday. My party started at 4pm and ended at 10pm. EAT + PLAY WII = HAPPINESS
I love my cake. Actually, It was my first time to have a cake that is so normal and from Red Ribbon but I SUPER LOVE WHAT IS WRITTEN IN MY CAKE. SIMPLE YET SWEET! We always buy cakes from Conti's, DQ, Banapple and etc.

My grandparents, Tatay and Nanay. Hihihi. I love them so much. Thank you for everything. Longer life for them, Pls? #18wishesdebut

Frank, Gabrielle, Yana and Justin. Playing Wii.

Nanay, Tita Miami, Gabrielle, Tita Rosie
(Tita Miami's BFF) and Mikee (Tita Rosie's daughter)

My BFFs, Cai and Bryan.
Thank you for coming BFFs and for the gift. Hihihihi. So sexy top! Hahaha. Love it! I missed you two! I love you both!

College Friends, Dan, Rie and Ems.
Thank you for coming three+benj and for the gift. I thought you guys wont come because of the heavy rain. I love you three+benj.

Highschool friends, Karen, Mark, Justin, and Frank.
Thank you for coming four. My family enjoyed your company. Some were busy again. Hope to see all of you (I mean Complete) again. I love you four!

The friends + Lil cous, Justin, Mark, Frank, Maha, Gabrielle and Moi.

The fam, Tito Nino and Maha. Thank you for letting me use your cam and for the gift. Love you three + baby boy! Can't wait to see the baby!

The Fam, Tita Miami, Tito Eric, Ate Mona and Momma.
THANK YOU TITA MIAMI! We'll see you again after 3yrs or 1yr maybe. hihihi. Love youuuu!

The Cousins, Kyla, Yana, Gabrielle and Maha. Coleen and Sam weren't there :(

The fam, Ate Honey (My sister), Ate Chris, Maha and Kyla.
Thank you Ate Chris for the cute top! Hihihihi. My family loves you so much! Don't be shy to go here. K? Love you four!
The fam, Momma, Moi, Ate Cha, Ate Shiela, Tita Yeye, Ate Honey.
Ate Cha, Thank you for the gift! Hihi. Love you bigger girl! Hahaha. I love you four+Shiela.


Btw, I'll be holding a Birthday giveaway for my blog. Still needing sponsors for my giveaway!


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